Where have all the scary wolf spiders gone?

Laughing spider

From the middle of July to the end of September, I live in a state of anxiety not daring to enter any room before I've scanned it visually, branding a humane spider catcher just in case I spot a big horrible wolf spider.  No, not the stripey ones that sit in the middle of a web in your garden or the … [Read more...]

The cloning and stuffing of animals


I had another one of those "oh gawd" *rolling of eyes" moments recently. I really do understand the love people have for their animals - how could I not? I love my two 16 year old cats more than anyone or anything - but I wouldn't have them cloned, no matter how much money I had. I'm referring … [Read more...]

Cheap coconut oil for cooking

Cheap coconut oil for cooking

I begrudge paying almost twenty pounds for a jar of coconut oil. The Tiana brand is sixteen quid for 500 mls in Holland and Barretts. You can buy the same amount by a brand called HTC from Amazon in a pack of two for around seven pounds, but in Sainsburys, this brand is even cheaper at around two … [Read more...]