An open letter to my ageist vet

Stereotype sign

Dear N, I have to get a few things off my chest. I turned up at your practice in the middle of the night a couple of months ago because my darling cat Bubby had done a huge cowpat shite on the kitchen floor and collapsed onto her rear end. She couldn't even stand up, let alone walk, and, well, … [Read more...]

Photos of chronic cat diarrhea

Chronic cat diarrhea

My darling cat Bubba has had chronic diarrhea for six months now. I've tried almost everything to clear it up (physically as well as literally), and am still working through various solutions to see if they work. I know these photos are crass but, well, if anyone out there is looking for photos of … [Read more...]

Where have all the scary wolf spiders gone?

Laughing spider

From the middle of July to the end of September, I live in a state of anxiety not daring to enter any room before I've scanned it visually, branding a humane spider catcher just in case I spot a big horrible wolf spider.  No, not the stripey ones that sit in the middle of a web in your garden or the … [Read more...]