Rocked into town slouchy and miserable and discovered this yummy vegan curry base

Punjaban curry base

I keep trying to stay away from additives because I think they make me fat - but I do like the Sainsburys chip shop curry sauce - unfortunately its typical supermarket fayre full of crap. Anyhoo, I popped into town today and there was a stall offering free tasters for curry sauces. I spotted the … [Read more...]

Garden slavery


I was walking home the other day from my local shop when a dead slug was thrown in front of my feet. I looked up and saw two embarrassed old faeces (typo intended as an act of malice) peering over their garden wall looking at me waiting for my reaction. I think they had poisoned them and thought … [Read more...]

Just dug out this photo of my favourite vegan chicken


I was just going through my photo folder and came across this picture of my favourite vegan chicken. I have given this to meat eaters and they haven't noticed my sneaky little trick. I get it from a Chinese restaurant that delivers, although I haven't ordered any for ages. It is quite expensive at … [Read more...]