Gorgeous cheap sea salt chocolate at Aldi’s

Moser Roth sea salt chocolate

Aldi's do some great chocolate, some of it suitable for vegans or people with dairy allergies. I've been sucking on their super rich 85% dark bars for a while now to get my chocolate fix, but recently I discovered they had started selling "sea salt" chocolate. I've never tried chocolate with extra … [Read more...]

Mr Big Fella


I have two sixteen year old cats who are still running around driving me mad with their demands, and because they run me ragged, I. Really. Didn't. Want. Another. One. Well, in my dreams I would be living off the land surrounded by animals, but I always pretend the animals will be able to look after … [Read more...]

Rocked into town slouchy and miserable and discovered this yummy vegan curry base

Punjaban curry base

I keep trying to stay away from additives because I think they make me fat - but I do like the Sainsburys chip shop curry sauce - unfortunately its typical supermarket fayre full of crap. Anyhoo, I popped into town today and there was a stall offering free tasters for curry sauces. I spotted the … [Read more...]